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Latest News!
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Our Spring / Summer 2018 Catalogue has arrived!

September 2018


Spring has arrived and its time to celebrate with colour! Check out our largest ever range of potted colour and flowering 10 packs, and our newest addition to the range... landscape 4 packs! Our sleek new silver 180mm squat herb pots replace the deeper black 180mmm pots and look great alongside the gold 130mm premium herb range.

Keep an eye out for our new colourful label ranges! We've personalised our own range of 'rainbow' labels and continue to roll them out as our stocks get replaced.


As always, please call or email to discuss our product range, or to place your advanced orders for 198 seedling plug trays.

Rumbalara Nursery's new Urbanati Lambda Seeding Line in shed

Look what has just arrived!

January 2015


Rumbalara Nursery is moving forward with the arrival of its newest addition to the family... our new Urbanati Lambda Seeding Line from Transplant Systems.


When we began looking for ways to further improve the consistency of our product and to streamline our propagation processes, the answer was obvious… start at the beginning! Our search for a new seeding line quickly led us to Transplant Systems, distributor of the renowned Urbanati brand.


Our much anticipated new seeding line and conveyor arrived in a large shipping container all the way from the shores of Italy, where it was custom made for our seeding requirements. With the capability of seeding up to 600 trays/ hour, and with its precision dimpling, seed placement, filling and watering systems, we should soon be able to fill your orders quicker and with an even more consistent product.


With this new addition to our work shed, not only can we now retire our old air-seeder and deliver an even better product, but our dedicated staff should now also be able to slow down and turn their attention to the next instalment of our journey forward.

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Feature Products
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Land Cress is here!

April 2015


Rumbalara Nursery is now stocking much-talked-about biennial herb, Land Cress. Recent discussion of this plant’s function as a biological control of brassica foes, White Cabbage Butterflies and Diamond Back Moths, will make it a welcome addition to any brassica patch.


Recent episodes of Gardening Australia (SERIES 25 Episode 32 / SERIES 26 Episode 02) have highlighted the positive effect of planting Land Cress amidst your cabbages to both deflect Cabbage White Moth and to attract Diamond Back Moths and kill their feasting larvae. Now, this old-fashioned herb is enjoying a revival in popularity.


Even if making a sacrificial lamb of your Land Cress crop doesn’t appeal, the edible plant is also an excellent substitute for the peppery Water Cress.  Although in itself a relatively thirsty plant, Land Cress needs far less water than Water Cress, is reputed to be high in vitamins, iron and calcium, and is therefore an excellent plant to consider for a shadier section of your vegie garden!


From early April Rumbalara will be stocking Land Cress in 8 cell punnets and 100mm square pots, as well as 198 plug trays by order.

180mm Advanced Herb Pot

New! Advanced Herb Pots

January 2015


Giving your customers an instant herb garden ready to pick and eat, Rumbalara’s new 180mm advanced herb pots are proving to be popular.


As part of our Advanced Range we now offer retailers advanced herbs in large 180mm pots. Varieties currently offered are those most requested by customers, though the range will soon also include another popular request, Salad Mix.

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