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About Rumbalara Nursery

Early Beginnings

Named after the family property ‘Rumbalara’ (Aboriginal, meaning 'rainbow'), Rumbalara Nursery is a small, family-owned and operated propagation nursery situated on 11 acres overlooking the Glass House Mountains, conveniently located just off the Bruce Highway on the edge of the Sunshine Coast’s fertile hinterland.


Established in the late 1980s as a farm nursery to supply the family’s various vegetable crops, local demand for seedling plugs soon saw the nursery commence as a commercial operation. With a focus on supplying local farms with high-quality, weather-hardened seedlings grown to local conditions, Rumbalara Nursery became renowned for its hardy stock and ‘no fuss’ attitude.

Recent Times

Alongside our long-standing range of seedling plugs traditionally supplied to Sunshine Coast produce farms, sits a new and ever-expanding range of punnets, pots, packs and other containerised retail forms specifically catered to Garden Centre needs.


With this diversification in product offerings, Rumbalara Nursery and its dedicated team of employees now supply high-quality seedling products to produce and flower farms, independent garden centres and co-operatives, community groups, schools and Councils throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Where We Are Headed

Overseen by the second generation with son Alexander at the helm, Rumbalara Nursery continues to expand and build upon its reputation for quality through the implementation of new technologies, remaining focused on sourcing the best seeds and growing materials, and continuing to be nimble in our response to customer demand and market trends. Together, these innovation and market-led changes will allow us to not only expand our seedling range and produce even greater consistency and quality, but to continue to produce the most resilient and healthy plants possible for farmers and home-gardeners alike.  


With our eyes set firmly on the future, and with the ultimate mid-term goal of gaining NIASA accreditation in view, Rumbalara Nursery continues to look for better ways to produce, improve, and expand our products and operations, whilst never compromising our traditional values of ‘quality, flexibility and accessibility for small and independent’.

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