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A plan/t for every occasion!


Bulk seasonal vegetable, herb & flower seedling plugs. Ideal for direct transplanting 


4 & 6 cell sungrown punnets ideal for a quick start vegie garden


Vegetable, herb and flower seedling punnets & 100mm herb pots. An economical option

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Multi-cell 4 & 10 packs & larger pots, giving an advanced start to gardens, containers & mass plantings

Primary Producers

198 Seedling Plug Bulk Trays
  • High grade growing media

  • Proven seed stock from leading international and domestic seed suppliers

  • Locally seasonal varieties

  • Minimal transplant stress

Rumbalara Nursery propagates seedling plugs for vegetable, herb and flower growers throughout South-East Queensland. Our seedling plugs are suitable for direct transplanting into greenhouse or in-furrow systems, as well as many hydroponic and aquaponic installations.


  • We grow to order or contract grow

  • We use high quality, non-GMO seeds

  • We stock or can source proven heirloom varieties

  • All seedling plugs are fully weather-hardened for success.


Having commenced in the Glass House Mountains region as small-hold produce farmers ourselves, we understand the importance of good quality seed, precise variety selection, and factors affecting transplant resilience such as a well-formed root structure. Our no-compromise approach to providing the toughest and most resilient, weather-hardened transplant plugs ensures the best possible start for your crop.


Offering a service recognisable both for its friendly approach and wealth of local knowledge, Rumbalara Nursery also goes beyond the point of sale with its helpful advice and follow-up services on your farm.

Greenlife Retailers

Punnets & 100mm Economy
Pots Range
Proudly supporting school & community kitchen gardens
  • We also stock heirloom & open-pollinated varieties

  • Lower minimum quantities


Rumbalara Nursery wholesales plants to retail nurseries, hardware stores and co-operatives spanning South-East Queensland. Our selection of edible, ornamental and medicinal vegetable, herb and flower seedlings come in a range of punnets, pots, packs and other forms conveniently packaged for easy gardening.


Rumbalara also proudly supports many school kitchen gardens and community gardens. Our lower minimum quantities and affordability gives accessibility to good quality plants and teaching and learning opportunities for these and other local not-for-profit organisations.


Our standard range of punnets and pots includes:

  • 6 & 4 cell seedling punnets – vegetable, herb, bedding and potting annual and perennial flowers. Some mixed variety punnets are available.

  • 100mm young plants – the essential Aussie garden herbs.


Check out our beautifully customised plant information labels, now with expanded growing notes to guide your growing journey.

Rumbalara’s standard nursery range, together with our Advanced Range and  premium flowers and herbs, means we have all your needs covered.

Advanced Seedling & Young Plants Range
An instant garden!
  • High grade growing media

  • Proven seed stock from leading international and domestic seed suppliers

  • Locally seasonal varieties

  • Minimal transplant stress

Alongside Rumbalara’s standard range of edible, ornamental and medicinal vegetable, herb and flower punnets and pots, sits our Advanced Range of young plants and potted colour.


Our new Advanced Range have more developed roots and foliage and come in larger containers to promote easier planting and an advanced start in the garden. Sizes currently available include:


  • 180mm herb pots – Advanced herbs. Ready to pick and eat or for direct planting

  • 130mm herb pots –  Premium bedding and potting annual and perennial flowers

  • 130mm herb pots – Premium 'gold'  herb pot range of edible, ornamental, aromatic and medicinal herbs

  • 130mm vegetable pots - A wide range of tomatoes, chillies, rhubarb & more (including heirloom varieties)

  • 6 packs – Popular culinary herbs blend & our Cat Pack blend in and advanced cell for quick planting and your feline's enjoyment. Your cat will thank you!

  • 4 Packs – Popular bedding and potting annual flowers. Strawberries available in Aut/Win/Spr

  • 10 pack lettuces – Mixed varieties of cut and come again lettuces in a convenient carry pack 

  • 10 Pack flowers – Bedding and potting, annual and perennial flowers.


Specialised mixed variety packs are available upon request. Please call for more information.



Shipping & Delivery Options

With our smaller minimum order and flexible delivery arrangements, we make ordering easy.


Rumbalara Nursery currently offers free delivery* for orders incorporated on our regular weekly runs to the Brisbane, Greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas, and the Sunshine Coast/Northern Coast & Gympie regions.

Additional deliveries can be accommodated by pre-arrangement and may incur a small delivery charge.*


Your pre-ordered goods may be collected directly from our premises by pre-arrangement. Please call to arrange a time or check the progress of your plants.


We offer freight to remote customers by Plant Delivery Service or your chosen live plant freight company. Please note, all financial and liability arrangements are between yourself and the freight company. Call us for further information.

* Minimum quantities apply.

Seed Sourcing

Can't find the right seed?

With over 30 years experience sourcing seeds for our own farming operations and then for other primary producers, we can now aid you by sourcing the seed of your choice and assist you to select appropriate varieties for your venture.

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 Wholesale enquiries only

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Vegetables, herbs & ornamental colour

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