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Welcome to Rumbalara Nursery

A family-owned and operated production nursery specialising in the propagation of vegetable, herb & flower seedling plugs and young plants, using commercial quality (non-genetically modified) seed stock and proven heirloom varieties.


Supplying produce and flower farms, garden centres, community groups and schools throughout Queensland and New South Wales for over 25 years, Rumbalara Nursery combines its wealth of local growing knowledge and plant-propagating experience with a friendly and flexible approach to customer service to provide plants that are famously resilient.

Products and Services

In addition to our large range of seedling plug trays supplying farmers, Rumbalara's range of punnets, pots and packs – including our Advanced Range and new large potted herbs – were developed in collaboration with nursery retailers in response to consumer demand.


All Rumbalara Nursery seedling plugs and young plants are raised in our controlled hot-houses before extensive weather-hardening in Nature's elements, giving our seasonally-grown plants the ultimate 'growing advantage'.  Resilient plants ensure a more successful and rewarding gardening experience for home gardeners, fostering confidence and life-long loyal customers.

Providing weather-hardened, seasonal seedlings at their best for...

Garden Centres

Edible, medicinal and ornamental 
vegetable, herb & flower seedlings.
Punnets, pots, packs and more conveniently packaged forms. 
Includes our new Advanced Range.

Produce & Flower Growers

Vegetable, herb & flower seedling plugs. Including cut flower & heirloom varieties. Weather-hardened plugs: grown in Nature’s elements. Proven commercial varieties from non-GMO seed stock.

Community & Councils

Edible plants. 
Bee-attracting colour. 
Start or enhance your Council, school or community garden or project.

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